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Downtown Housing

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City of Albuquerque—Comprehensive Downtown Study


Albuquerque NM


Fannie Mae was involved in the financing of several downtown communities and although they had individual market studies for each community there was no surety that one community might profit at the expense of another.

The City of Albuquerque has had many small developers who did not have the wherewith all to pay for a full blown market study,  and they had an interest in a comprehensive study that they would allow any developer to take a pulse check on the market for their product.

Services Provided:

Market study for the developer to be awarded the RFP

Consulting services for the RFP

Neighborhood presentations

Presentation to City Council

Market Study for Tax Credit Application

Negotiated with City of Albuquerque


A 3’x3’ map and 100 page report were generated demonstrating a demand of 1,000 units per year with other specific recommendations—the report can be downloaded here.  The report was unveiled at a regional Home Builders of Central NM and Fannie Mae meeting with heightened interest of the building community.