What your email address says about you.

Jun 04

One of the most frequent questions I am asked when I teach the technolgy course is “who should I use as an email provider”.


Matthew Inman, a tech guru who generates comics was kind enough to generate this and share it with the tech luddites.  Oatmeal via Gizmodo.

So glad I didn’t have to say it, but now you know!

Happy 40th birthday Internet

Oct 30


Gizmodo has more – here.

The Pomegranate Phone – an iPhone killer?

Mar 23

pomegranateThanks to fellow Realtor, Davide F. Pio, who shared this new phone with me – check out the demo of the Pomegranate Phone which includes:
– phone
– email
– camera
– shaver
– gps
– harmonica
and so much more!

Before you fall for this hook, line and sinker, be sure you click on the release date…