Santa Fe Tech course – Friday, June 21st, 2019

Jun 12

Counts for 4 hours of Core Ethics for all NM Licensees


You want to do what to my main computer?

May 14

Windows 7 would like an update…why doesn’t it speak the truth “my updates are more important than the work you are trying to get done AND there is a 15% chance, that I won’t reboot after I install these files”

Where is the Apple of Printers?

May 06

Boy I sure miss the days of the reliable HP printer. They had 3 models of inkjets and laserjets, consumer, pro and business and they lasted forever. Now? HP lists hundreds of models, and few of them work as well as the old ones. I mention this because I have two HP Color laserjet 2605 in the shop, and I don’t expect tosee them again, I’m more mad about the wasted $1,000 of toner sitting in those machines than I am the machines themselves.

I have another 2 year old HP deskjet at my cabin (for when we have to work there) that I had to trash – why? well the ink “notified” the printer that it had “expired” never mind that it was relatively unused or that it was wet. So I swapped in the backupset of inks I bought and left there, and guess what? they were “expired” too. UFB! I wasted 2 hours this morning “shopping” for a replacement and even I, the tech guy, have been left confused and beffulded. Lest you think its just an HP issue, I also have Brother and others that all chase the same ridiculous, non customer centric, business model

My apologies to whoever shared this photo of the HP lineup of printers and how many models they have of each.

CCIM announces new technology and social networking course

Jan 22

Technology and Social Networking Tools for Today’s Real Estate Professional
This 1-day course, taught by Todd Clarke, CCIM, teaches how to implement the latest technology and social networking tools into a real estate professional’s day-to-day business and add value to clients. Participants will review the latest hardware available, including smart phones, iPads and netbooks, and find software and data storage solutions. In addition, develop a business strategy for using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, through hands-on exercises.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Make an informed decision on hardware and software solutions for your business
  • Determine which social networking sites are best suited to expand your business and inform your clients
  • Communicate to existing and potential clients through blogs, tweets and other social media
  • Learn how to add value to your clients’ needs and NOT become a spammer
  • Course location and pricing
    Chicago, IL ~ April 5, 2011 ~ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
    Levine Learning Center
    430 N. Michigan Ave Suite 800 ~ Chicago, IL 60611

    Members $295 Non-members $395
    Instructor: Todd Clarke, CCIM

    Click here to register

    Office 2010 – great tool, but it adds another level of clicking

    Dec 09

    In the never ending attempt to protect you from yourself – Microsoft has added another level of annoyance – not to compete with the infamous “clippy“, but certainly close. If any of my files have been received via email (even from myself) or shot across the internet (from myself), Microsoft Office will let me “view” the file, but not edit it – a major annoyance, if you touch type and you get a paragraph in and the warning box is still waiting for you to verify that this is indeed your file.

    Fortunatlty there is a way to shut this feature off – click here to see it step by step.

    Thanks Lifehacker and Digital Inspiration!

    What your email address says about you.

    Jun 04

    One of the most frequent questions I am asked when I teach the technolgy course is “who should I use as an email provider”.


    Matthew Inman, a tech guru who generates comics was kind enough to generate this and share it with the tech luddites.  Oatmeal via Gizmodo.

    So glad I didn’t have to say it, but now you know!