Apple finally releases a white iPhone…meanwhile

Apr 28

I’ve had mine for 48 days already…see this post

I wonder what took Apple so long?

iPad app of the week – HP Calculator smackdown!

Apr 25

Thanks to Channing Kelly for sharing her favorite HP 10Bii like calculator.
hp 10b ii calc hd

Rock Melt – a new social networking browser?

Apr 21

A new browser, or actually, to be technically correct, a new browser interface built on top of Google’s Chrome Browser, has entered the market.

RockMelt offers social networking and feed options along the margins of your browser. Now Facebook and your internet surfing can co-exist in the same window frame.

I have to admit the interface is very compelling and easy to use.

Available as a browser on the PC, MAC and an App for iPhone and the Ipad .

A new form of advertising – your house

Apr 10

Social networking companies are pushing the envelope on advertising mediums – but here is a new one – your house!

Thanks to for sharing from which is a UK based company that is offering to pay homeowners mortgages if they let them paint their house with advertisements.

Although the Gizmodo posting indicates the advertisement is only in UK, when I went to their website it looks like they are up and running in the USA as well!

Fly the Friendly skies and take the internet with you

Apr 04

Thanks to Southwest Airlines, my favorite airline, for offering the $5 wi-fi internet this morning. Turned a morning snooze into a burst of productivity. As you can see from the speedtest below, speeds are not blindingly fast, but it is better than nothing!