Santa Fe Tech course – Friday, June 21st, 2019

Jun 12

Counts for 4 hours of Core Ethics for all NM Licensees


Tiered service and pricing on inflight international wi-fi

Apr 11


My wife, Kahleetah and I are headed to South Korea today. United’s flight #893 is offering Wi-Fi with a twist- regular speed for $14.99 and higher speed for $22.99.

I thought I would test out the higher speed at $22.00 – here is what Speed tests results were.

Ping: 1081 ms, Download 0.25 Mbs, Upload 0.16 Mbs

Windows Fail in Paris Est railway

Nov 19

note one of the four terminal display screens had a Blue Screen of Death (BSD) and a Windows XP reboot as we sat and watched it.