my iPad is on its way!

Mar 31


All the way from ShenZen, China – do you suppose it will really arrive by this Saturday?

What I would like for father’s day

Mar 24

makerbotIt is a rare technology find that has me as excited as the first time I grasped the concept of Star Trek’s replicator.

MakerBot industries has developed a new product that manufactures anything you’d like using 3D printing techniques and plastic.

Right now the “cupcake” printer can “make” products that are about the size of a cupcake, hopefully a future upgrade will be larger than a bread box!

Makerbot via Gizmodo.

Great price on netbooks

Mar 20

Cnet has tracked down a refurbished netbook for only $249 and that includes Windows 7 (starter).


If you are in the my market and ok with used computers, I’ve been able to pickup a number of netbooks for $100 on or

Why 3D will not save the movie or TV industry

Mar 17


Many of us had the thrill of watching this year’s biggest hit, Avatar and watching it in 3D was a “value added” option, that added to the movie industry’s bottom line.

So is 3D a long term trend or a short term fad?

Our good friends at Gizmodo have a great article and over view of why 3D is a whole lot of hype and while the TV industry is excited about an oppurtunity to resaturate the market with a new technology, its prospects are over hyped.