Microsoft Duo – tablet, computer or phone?

Sep 10


I have been using the Duo for about a week – once I got passed the setup phase (finding all of my favorite iOS apps and installing them) – I must admit I really like the device – I like holding it, I like carrying it, and I like reading from it, especially the Kindle app. I screencast it to a portable projector (photos below) and I can see the potential of teaching a class with the powerpoint on one side, and a PDF of the book on the other side. I still have not setup the phone, and not sure I would really use it that way.

I received my Microsoft Duo today via Fedex and I will admit I was really excited to see what a foldable dual screen pocket device looks like and to see how functional it is.

These devices have only started to land today, so some of my favorite tech reviews (Marquez, Unbox therapy, etc.) have not done hands on reviews yet.

As a mostly iPhone/iPad user, it took a while to get Google (Android) all setup on the device and download my favorite apps – Office, Kindle, the remote web cam at our cabin, etc.

Office 365 did run out of the box and I was able to test out Powerpoint and Adobe acrobat side by side – which allowed me to run a CCIM presentation next to the CCIM textbook.

I was even more impressed that I was able to screencast the device to a nearby monitor – which allowed me to run a PowerPoint wirlesslessly, all while holding something about the size of a moleskin notebook.

Microsoft started selling the Duo today – you can find it at their website here.

My first impressions are:
-amazing build quality (hardware)
-its going to take some time to get used to Android software/setup
-it is really cool to read a two page Kindle book side by side
-the dimensions are slightly wider than my iPhone X, about the same height and each side of the Duo is much thinner – when folded its about 125% of the depth of my iPhone X (in short, very portable)
-the software adjust nicely to the mode you hold in it – one screen, two screen, tent mode, laptop mode (w/virtual haptic keyboard) – it all is seamless and fast
-the size, heft and holdability of the device is amazing – part Moleskin notebook, part cigarette case (with that cool Airpod case clicking sound)

As I have more time to use the device, I will be pushing out updates this to this website.

Lenovo – Dual screen laptop, smaller than an iPad, ideal teaching device

Sep 08

Lenovo Yoga Book – C930 – short tech review

by Todd Clarke CCIM CIPs

The Lenovo Yoga book has been a game changer – its uber portability, versality and feature set have made it my go to for the backup laptop – whether that is business meetings, traveling or teaching for CCIM.


My full video review can be found here –



Ten Reasons to own this 2 in 1 :

  1. Amazing keyboard doubles as e-ink reader
  2. Slim and light – smaller than an iPad
  3. Runs Windows 10
  4. Has a Micro SD Slot – supports up to 512 gigs
  5. Touch screen + e-ink screen – pull up a PDF on one side, and your powerpoint on the other – both support stylus
  6. Relatively fast – 4 gig memory, 128 gig storage – works great for MS office, research tool, etc.
  7. Works great as a backup computer, take to meetings computer,
  8. Fingerprint reader for quick login

9. Versatile setup – use as laptop, tablet mode, tent mode and more
10. USB c Ports – easy dongles to HDMI, display port, etc. also charges from USB C

It was $1,299 to $1,400 when I bought it over a year ago – Lenovo shows it on their website for $859(  and I have seen some deals on it for closer to $599.