Santa Fe Tech course – Friday, June 21st, 2019

Jun 12

Counts for 4 hours of Core Ethics for all NM Licensees


100 Apps in 100 minutes competition

Jun 12

Watch Todd Clarke and Todd Kuhlman, fellow CCIM instructors duke it out in trying to present the most relevant apps in our business



For the Santa Fe Assocation of Realtors course – 7/18/2014

Jul 18

The following are links and documents from todays presentation.
Complete the 2014 ULI Value / CAP rate survey here

Prezi from today – Ethical use of social networking Prezi-CCA-EthicalUseofSocialMedia-072014

List of iOS apps – click here

Today’s powerpoint presentation can be found by clicking here- SantaFe-Tech-SocialNetworkingWebinar-07182014-v5

CCIM 2013 annual seminar – 97 apps in 90 minutes

Seattles Gigapixel camera + easter eggs

Feb 02


Microsoft has created a gigapixel photograph of Seattle –


Note everyone was happy – check out these protestors?.


Can you find the space ship?

Discovered Easter eggs include:
“Error 404: Site Not Found” banner
Pink Floyd Guy
A game of picnic-person-beer-pong?
A 4-circle, 1-square fashion show
Yellow mannequin & a person holding an “O” sign
Front stoop/Sidewalk yoga
Rooftop spaceship
Painter with easel on the sidewalk
Rooftop chalk circle drawers
Lego building and construction site
Photographer and two subjects on some stairs
Four people proud of a painted cloud banner
A woman planking on a man in the park
A blue mannequin and a person holding a “.” sign
Several ballet dancers above a “shark-filled” pool
A giant white snake held by three people.
Someone wearing a blue dinosaur/dragon head mask
Someone carrying a painting across a street
A recreation of “Thriller”
Three people in a row painting in a park
Two upside down people near a gas station
Four artsy cars in a parking lot
A man painted purple next to a guy holding a sign of a television
A man on his back kicking a woman high into the air above him on the sidewalk
A sidewalk artist painting a woman in a bikini snow suit
A man on crutches narrowly avoiding a lot of banana peels

Thanks to

iTunes updated to version 11

Dec 14

Many iPhone, iPad and computer users have had a love/hate relationship with iTunes. Originally introduced to help manage music collections and sync to iPod, iTunes has grown to a full blown media server, but unfortunately, the frame it was built on was often slow, cranky and unwieldy.

Today Apple has released version 11 of iTunes, which is a significant improvement over all of the previous versions.

Unfortunately, iTunes still does not do a good job of managing apps and app documents

iTunes and iOS device app management

I have also found that iTunes is not suited for managing large collections of movies or TV Shows – as it just takes too many clicks to scroll through our family’s collection.

iTunes Movies and IOS device management

iTunes and Device management has experienced an improvement significantly in ability to tell which device your media is on.
iTunes and device management

Wired Magazine shares their thoughts on the iTunes update here

Join the two T’s of Technology this Saturday

Oct 21

Watch the video of 100 apps in 100 minutes at –

October 26th, as they (Todd Clarke CCIM and Todd Kuhlman CCIM) share the latest and greatest apps in this 90 minute session in Denver at the CCIM 2013 Live conference.



Sep 10

Apple is announcing its latest iPhone news today (9/10) and that includes a firm release date for iOS 7 – slated to be pushed out to over 700 million iOS devices starting 9/18.

image courtesy –

How does it compare?
Alexis Madrigal at NPR has done a great job explaining why the physical world metaphor no longer applies for your iPhone / iPad.

A live feed from can be found here – Liveblog

Paperless office revisted via IREM Gadgets column

Jul 16

Thanks to IREM’s Journal of Property Management for publishing my latest article on going paperless.


The full article can be found by clicking here.

Tiered service and pricing on inflight international wi-fi

Apr 11


My wife, Kahleetah and I are headed to South Korea today. United’s flight #893 is offering Wi-Fi with a twist- regular speed for $14.99 and higher speed for $22.99.

I thought I would test out the higher speed at $22.00 – here is what Speed tests results were.

Ping: 1081 ms, Download 0.25 Mbs, Upload 0.16 Mbs

Nifty drives for the Mac

Mar 15


Nifty Drives is another project. This one offered Mac laptop owners the ability to turn a little used SD card slot into a permanent storage drive.

Reminiscent of Apples packaging,NiftyDrive did a nice job on packing and labeling their product:

NiftyDrive-032013 (1)

I ordered the 64 gigabyte version for Apple Macbook Air (it was not available for my Mac Retina 13″), and I have to admit, I like the design and fit of the product.

Here is a photo of what it looks like installed flush with my MacbookAirs SD Card slot.

NiftyDrive-032013 (4)


 The product includes the holder (shuttle?), the MiniSDCard and the nifty logo hook which is used to remove the holder.


NiftyDrive-032013 (3)


So how do I use it?

I’ve made a backup of all my data and put it on that drive – its small enough to be removed and put into my wallet (the mini sd card), and permanently installed on the mac so it doesn’t get accidentally used.

All in all it makes a great interim backup tool.