Where is the Apple of Printers?

May 06

Boy I sure miss the days of the reliable HP printer. They had 3 models of inkjets and laserjets, consumer, pro and business and they lasted forever. Now? HP lists hundreds of models, and few of them work as well as the old ones. I mention this because I have two HP Color laserjet 2605 in the shop, and I don’t expect tosee them again, I’m more mad about the wasted $1,000 of toner sitting in those machines than I am the machines themselves.

I have another 2 year old HP deskjet at my cabin (for when we have to work there) that I had to trash – why? well the ink “notified” the printer that it had “expired” never mind that it was relatively unused or that it was wet. So I swapped in the backupset of inks I bought and left there, and guess what? they were “expired” too. UFB! I wasted 2 hours this morning “shopping” for a replacement and even I, the tech guy, have been left confused and beffulded. Lest you think its just an HP issue, I also have Brother and others that all chase the same ridiculous, non customer centric, business model

My apologies to whoever shared this photo of the HP lineup of printers and how many models they have of each.