CCIM announces new technology and social networking course

Jan 22

Technology and Social Networking Tools for Today’s Real Estate Professional
This 1-day course, taught by Todd Clarke, CCIM, teaches how to implement the latest technology and social networking tools into a real estate professional’s day-to-day business and add value to clients. Participants will review the latest hardware available, including smart phones, iPads and netbooks, and find software and data storage solutions. In addition, develop a business strategy for using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, through hands-on exercises.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Make an informed decision on hardware and software solutions for your business
  • Determine which social networking sites are best suited to expand your business and inform your clients
  • Communicate to existing and potential clients through blogs, tweets and other social media
  • Learn how to add value to your clients’ needs and NOT become a spammer
  • Course location and pricing
    Chicago, IL ~ April 5, 2011 ~ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
    Levine Learning Center
    430 N. Michigan Ave Suite 800 ~ Chicago, IL 60611

    Members $295 Non-members $395
    Instructor: Todd Clarke, CCIM

    Click here to register

    My latest computer is… a Mac?

    Dec 06

    Yes its true, I’ve migrated into a MacBookPro for my primary laptop.

    Was it the allure of Mac OS X? no.
    Was it the sex appeal of a sleek machine? no.

    It was simply, the best built machine money could buy. After decades of taking apart my Sony VAIO’s and Toshiba Tecra’s, Portege’s and Librettos, I’ve come to realize that the design of these machines is grossly inferior to the MacBookPro. Within the first few months of owning a laptop, I often end up pulling it apart to upgrade the memory or hard drive. Some of my favorite machines are Sony’s (TX, TZ, P), but I am appalled at how difficult it is to replace simple components like the hard drive. Unlike my Acer netbooks that I can replace a hard drive in minutes (or my Samsung, that has an external access port), I can spend hours on a Sony, carefully taking pictures as I remove each layer, only to find some “switch” or button has been booby trapped to make reassembly very difficult.

    When my Sony TZ needed a windows reformat and redo, I realized its hard drive space was just too small, so I upgraded to a Samsung R480 (now for sale)

    which offered a 500 gig harddrive, and a blu-ray drive that would allow be to read my backups.

    Unfortunately, the Samsung just ended up being to big and clumsy to take to meetings, and although I had removed the Blu-Ray drive and added a 750 gig harddrive for data, I was concerned about jostling the machine, so I ended up restore the blu-ray and resetting the machine to its original settings and then set off on my quest to find a durable long last machine.

    I wanted a machine that could easily hold all of my data and media (i.e. iTunes) – check
    I wanted a machine that could be my hub for synching the iPhones, iPad iTouches and iPods, in our family.
    I wanted a machine with enough USB ports and a SD Card reader to be helpful – check
    I wanted a machine that felt solid to travel with – check
    I wanted a machine that had a large high resolution screen (1680×1050)
    I wanted a machine that was fast enough to be my main machine during the day – which means a lot of multitasking (which ruled out most netbooks) – check
    I wanted a machine that was well built and easily upgraded – check
    I wanted a machine that would let me create apps for the iPhone and iPad – check

    While I liked the idea of a Mac Air, the hard drive and processor speed ended up being a limitation.

    I purchased the 15″ model with the Core i7 and 4 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive. I had the hard rive replaced with the 750 gig model and had the superdrive (thats a DVD to PC users) replaced with another 750 gig for a toal of 1.5 Terabytes.

    For the first time in a long time, I can carry ALL of my data around with me.

    (this photo shows the now replaced Superdrive with an additional hard drive above the existing hard drive.

    What was appealing about the design?

    Start with the original concept – instead of a series of plastic parts held together by a bunch of screws (if you’ve taken apart an Acer, Asus, Sony or Toshiba you know what I mean), the MacBookPro starts out as a solid aluminum brick:

    and then they carve the keyboard out of the top,

    followed by the computer innards out of the middle, leaving a small sheet of aluminum on the bottom to seal the machine in. In short – remove ten screws and you have access to the elegance of design of the laptop and easy upgrades to the harddrive, memory and DVD-drive.

    Word of advice on upgrades and using Bootcamp: don’t move the DVD drive until after you’ve installed Bootcamp – I spent easily a day of time trying to figure that one out. Also if you plan to run Parallels (Macs version of allowing you access to Windows while running the Mac, as opposed to bootcamp which switches between the OS’s on bootup), install bootcamp first, then windows, the install all of your software, and BEFORE you activate, go back into parallels, install it, run it and then tell Windows (office, etc.) to activate- this will save you from having to repeatedly activate for what is essentially the same machine.

    Finally, for those CCIM instructors, Designee’s, and candidates, you should know that the new Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac now works with Macros for our CCIM spreadsheets.

    Has the upgrade been seamless? Not quite, but I have enjoyed it and I love the laptop. I still use my Sony netbook P for meetings during the day, but I prefer the MacBookPro for all other tasks.

    I think my new Mac, fits right in – how about you? (bottom right of all the monitors)

    helping kickstart a tool iPhone users could love?

    Oct 05

    I love the idea of a large group of people, with a small amount of money, can put someone in business and allow us to turn a simple concept into a real project. I’m talking about more than an add on for the iPhone, I’m talking about Kickstarter.

    My dream machine (for 2010)

    Sep 27


    Now this is my idea of an ideal laptop – something that would “store” my iPhone, my iPad and an external USB or Harddrive – each of which would be components that I could remove AND that I could use as an extra screen, storage, etc.

    More info can be found by clicking here.

    Thanks to Gizmodo for the article.

    A quirky website might be an innovative way to do business.

    Sep 23

    Meet Quirky.

    Quirky connects inventors with investors with consumers.

    If you have a product that you want to produce – you can design it – price its development and sell it on this website. As a consumer, I can “invest” in the product by placing a pre-order – if enough pre-orders are placed, the product is built and shipped.

    Today, I placed my first preorder for the Trek Support backpack – a TSA friendly backpack with a built in battery for all my tech tools and a charger as well. I was order #69 out of the 1,200 buyers they need.

    I’ll let you know how it turns out…

    The presentation from this weeks technology lunch & learn

    Nov 15

    Can be found here .

    Items that were featured:

      How to earn a 207% IRR by going paperless.
      The benefits of using a netbook
      circitcity-netbooks Circuit City is offering a number of good deals on netbooks and Gizmodo has a advanced copy of Office Depot’s Black Friday advertisement offering the Acer netbook for $199

      We also covered Livescribe’s Pulse Smart Pen and how I use this fabulous tool for homework review for my students.

    wi-fi in flight – thanks American Airlines

    Aug 26

    I tried out the onboard wi-fi service offered by American Airlines today Gogo – and I have to admit, its worth the $9.95 to be able to check emails/research on the internet for my almost 3 hour flight to Chicago.

    Speed test results below

    You have to love the blatancy of this craigslist posting…

    Aug 18

    160G iPod Classic Black (Constitution & Louisana)

    Date: 2009-08-17, 9:59AM MDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    To the asshole who stole my iPod, thanks for taking 10 years of my photos and home videos. That iPod was my only back-up of those items after someone stole my truck in January with my laptop.
    Maybe you can use my resume (in the documents portion of the HDD or did you not even know it was partitioned) to get a fucking job, because obviously you need a job with nothing better to do with your time then to take from those of us that work our ass off to have what we have.
    There is no excuse for what you have done, I came from a broken home in a less-than-affluent upbringing. I worked for everything I have and have not had things come easy. So on the off chance that you try to sell this here
    on Craigslist, probably posting it on here with the laptop stolen from me previously, just give me the opportunity to copy my personal photos and videos, I’ll even give the cords to the iPod and any accessories I have.

    • Location: Constitution & Louisana
    • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests