If you don’t backup, you won’t be as lucky as this guy…

Oct 25

This is True author, Randy Cassingham, reports (#853, 10/17/10) on an unnamed Swedish scientist who hadn’t backed up in a while. Fortunately for him, the thief did a backup to a USB key and mailed it to him.

You, on the other hand, can’t count on a thief to do the right thing, so I would highly recommend backing up. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our archive of backup articles. A summary of the backup process can also be found in this article.

Too pull a shot off like this, Timing is everything…

Oct 10

During the Ryder Cup 2010, The DailyMail (a British newspaper), reporter, Mark Pain, happened to catch this shot from Tiger.

(look towards the right hand side at look-a-like to GrouchoMarx reaction).

helping kickstart a tool iPhone users could love?

Oct 05

I love the idea of a large group of people, with a small amount of money, can put someone in business and allow us to turn a simple concept into a real project. I’m talking about more than an add on for the iPhone, I’m talking about Kickstarter.