Santa Fe Tech course – Friday, June 21st, 2019

Jun 12

Counts for 4 hours of Core Ethics for all NM Licensees


Technology presentation for the MN/Dakotas CCIM & SIOR Chapters – 11/10/11

Nov 11

Thanks to the MN/Dakotas CCIM chapter and SOIR for a fabulous turnout and a great session!

The list of must have iPad apps can be found here.
and the article I wrote on iPad apps can be found in the Journal of Property Management.

You can also always search our blog for iPad or Apps for the latest news.

and I’ve uploaded yesterday’s powerpoint here MN-CCIM-SIOR-Tech-SocialNetworkingWebinar-11102011.

If you have interest in taking our tech session a bit further and using social networking -click here to watch our Prezi.

A neat feature found in the Kindle- sharing!

Sep 28

No, I don’t mean the ability for your Kindle to share its books with other Kindles.

What I am speaking of is the feature in Kindle that allows you to highlight some text then hit two keys to have that highlight and your comments pushed to Facebook and Twitter.

Previously, I used Kindles clipping menu, then I had to hook the Kindle into my laptop, copy the file, login in to Facebook and Twitter and post – an easy 10 minutes has now been saved – thank you Amazon!

This is what the post looks like in Facebook:

This is what the post looks like in Twitter:

And this is what the results look like for the user:

iPhone Tethering

Sep 18

It’s interesting to note that while my AT&T iPhone doesn’t allow tethering in the United States, when I crossed in to Japan to teach a CCIM course, NTT DOCOMO had activated tethering. My iPad2 did not recognize Japanese providers at all, fortunatley we had brought with us the an international MiFi.

It’s a shame we can’t do the same in the U.S.A.

This is getting closer to my ideal laptop

Jul 24

I don’t know much about it except that a company called iTronix is manufacturing it.

As soon as they have a model that packs a terrabyte of storage so I can carry most of my data around, I’m a buyer!

A comparison of mobile internet devices

Jul 07

If you need to have the Internet with you while you travel, there are a number of options from tethering your mobile phone, to portable Wi-Fi like devices to a tetherless iPhone that acts like a Wi-Fi Router.

IREM recently had me review some of the latest and greatest tools in their Journal of Property Management, a publication of the Institute of Real Estate and Management for publishing our article on mobile internet devices. The article compares hardware, speeds, and services offered by the major mobile phone operators.

Using your iPad to go Paperless

May 31

Alaska Airlines recently announced that they intend to replace over 2.4 million pages and 50 pounds on every flight by allowing their pilots to go paperless (see article here)

The article goes on to state that they intend to use one of my favorite apps – Goodreader for managing their documents.

If you have an interesting in going paperless – this article from the CCIM institute gives you an idea of the technology and process you need get started.

The social network Universe

May 22

TechCrunch has this fabulous infographic on the size of the social networking universe.

AMong the many trends it shows, one of the most startling is the number of mobile devices that access the internet (5.3B) which is more than double the number of computers that do.

How much data do you consume a day?

Dec 11

A recent UCSD study posted on Engadget indicates that most American’s consume 34 gigs of data. The study converts all of the data streams (tv, radio, cell phone, etc.) to a broadband measurement to estitmate your usage.

Now the question is, how do you back all of that up?