Runnning a maize maze? Did you know there is an app for that?

Sep 27

Our family, joined some of the the Rio Grande baby Sitting Coop families for a visit to The McCall Family Pumpkin Patch this weekend.

Every year they set aside 16 acres for a Maize Maze – last years featured the Lobos (you can find it on Google earth) and this year the some of the Peanuts gang.

My sons and I decided we want to do a geographic drawing of the maize maze, so we used GPS-X for the iPhone which is an amazing tool that I have previously reviewed.

If you click on the aerial above, you can see our digital tracks overlaid on top of last years aerial photo from GoogleMaps/GoogleEarth.

If you look carefully, you can see the outline of Charlie Brown’s head in our trail.

Next year, we plan to arrive earlier, and run the entire maize maze and map out the complete routes.

World Domination is a welcome diversion

Jul 30

I recently came across the game of Conquist on the iTunes store, and I must admit it brings to life the Risk board game by Parker Brothers.

The graphics have an edgy cold war feel, and the game play is easy with a world domination mode as well as a secret mission game.

The game allows for multiple robot or human players to play.

I’d highly recommend the game and I look forward to playing playing with my children head to head!

How far did my iPad travel in 3 days?

Apr 06

According to GoogleMaps my Apple iPad traveled 16,716 miles between 3/30 and 4/3. Originating in Shenzen, China (I once taught a CCIM class in Shenzen, China’s industrial corridor that is inland from Hong Kong), to Hong Kong, to Anchorage, Alaska, to Louisville, KY to Albuqerque, NM, the box carrying my iPad averaged 174 miles an hour…


A special thanks to UPS for making sure my iPad arrived safe and sound.

The passing of an era

Apr 02

Many people are not aware of the fact that Albuquerque gave birth to both the Personal Computer, and Microsoft.

Today, we get word that Dr. Edwards, who developed the hardware for the first personal computer has passed away.

With the passing of Dr. Henry Edward Roberts, I am reminded of one of Albuquerque’s first failings – the loss of Microsoft, which was incorporated in our fair city, to Bill Gate’s home town of Redmond (Seattle area), WA.

This was Albuquerque’s first wake up call that they needed to focus on one of the four factors of production, that it wasn’t enough to just have more PhD’s per capita than the rest of the country, they needed to have access to capital, because without it, companies had to move to other locales that could provide money for their expansion.

The Los Angeles Times has a great obituary for Dr. Edwards that includes his time as a Sandia Labs scientist and the founding of his company, MITS.