PIPA/SOPA and internet strike today

Jan 18

Many people are going “offline” today to protest PIPA and SOPA, I imagine most of them have never read the legislation, or truly have an idea of what it means. If you are interested – there is a run down of it here NY Daily News and Craigslist take (strong language) –

The main issue? Punishing American tech companies/websites for linking, posting, promoting, etc. non-American, possibly law defying companies who might promote piracy. If this sounds familiar, it should everytime a new medium comes out (cassette tape, vhs tape, DVD recorder, etc.) the “media” comes forward with a new “solution”. In the past, it has been a tax on blank medium.

Tim O’Reilly, respected author and publisher has an interesting interview of this law and why he believes it is not even needed at GigaOM.com.

The attached graphic is what googles search engine looks like. Which is better than craigslist or wikipedia which are mostly down today in protest.