iPhone 4.0 – well worth it!

Sep 09

Apple’s 4th generation phone has a bevy of new features that make it well worth the upgrade. The new iPhone offers A higher resolution screen, faster processor, more memory, longer battery and a front facing camera along with a slimmer body style. Although the phone received a lot of publicity about its unconventional antennae design

my usage of the new phone demonstrated better phone coverage and call clarity than its predecessor the iPhone 3Gs.

The iPhone 4 also offers a front facing camera that allows video calls or “face time”. Currently this feature is only active over Wi-Fi.

Although the speed is welcome, it’s the high resolution screen that makes the upgrade worthwhile.

The new iPhone also brought a new iPhone operating system with it, IOS4. IOS4 offers the ability to organize your applications, or “Apps” into folders, as well as the ability to multitask your apps.

The iPhone 4 comes in 16 and 32 gigabyte models with prices starting at $199 for new AT&T users or existing users who renew their contracts.