Windows 7 upgrade guide

Oct 27

I installed the retail version of Windows Home Premium on my Sony TZ laptop over the weekend. As it had been about 2.5 years since vista was installed on the machine, I decided it was high time to reformat the solid state drive and start over with program installs (Vista’s girth had swelled to consume my 32 gig ssd drive, but fortunately I still had my 500 gig data drive (both are internal)).

The Windows 7 install was smooth, eash and reasonably fast. The followup install of my software was without bumps except for Adobe Acrobat PDF which refused to authorize my install (I forgot to deauthorize the previous install before I formatted) – shame on Adobe for no ability to call in a serial # (like Microsoft does).

The machine has 15 gigs free on a 32 gig drive, and boots fast, and runs like a dream – the new features for window placement are a dream, and I finally think Microsoft has served the mobile user (the Windows Key – P for project/powerpoint settings is a major coup!)

Additional features an an upgrade guide can be found here at Maximum PC.

The good guys at Gizmodo just updated a be all to end all overview of Windows 7 – click here.