My must have list of Apps for my iPad2

May 07

Goodreader – porting PDF files around
iBooks – showcasing listings/assignments/reports in PDF
Pages – similar to Microsoft Word
Numbers – similar to Microsoft Excel
Keynote – similar to Microsoft PowerPoint
Quick Office – (similar to above) –
Dropbox – for accessing files on the road
Pogoplug – similar to dropbox, but it physically exists in your office
Wikipanion – research using – HootSuite – managing social networks
BAO (demographics)

QR Scan – reading QR Codes –

Loopnet – finding listings –

Photosynth – assembling cool photos in collage format –

Magicplan – measuring space (requires iPad2)

10bii cash (calculator)

WordPress (for updating our websites and blogs) –

Not necessary to have, but might be interesting:
And the app we wrote for property taxes in Bernalillo County – Taxessor
And an interesting app that shows the potential of what your own app could like –